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Common questions answered.

Why join DateProfits?

We've been in the dating space for over a decade! We've leveraged our experience to build out truly unique sites that stand out from the pack and convert! Our new payout structure is rock solid rewarding webmasters who send quality traffic with pay per lead, pay per sale or revenue share.

What are your payment types, minimum payments, and fees?

You can get paid via check, domestic or Paxum or Direct Deposit.

How often do you pay affiliates?

Payment periods are 1st - 15th of the month and 16th to end of the month and payment is made 2 weeks after end of each pay period.

What is the difference  between  pay per lead,  pay per sale,  revenue share and referral? How do I earn money on my mobile surfers?

Simple! Just send them the our regular linkURL's. We automatically filter mobile surfers over to tours custom designed for mobile browsers.

Are there any rules on how I can promote  your sites?

You can't do anything illegal to send us traffic. You can't promise something we can't deliver on (like a price point we don't offer, for example). We have a strict policy of not accepting traffic from any of the following sources:

• chat/instant messenger marketing traffic
• adware installations
• hijacked cookies
• social network marketing/spamming (such as facebook, youtube, twitter, etc.)
• spam of any form including unsolicited email, seo spamming, comment posting, etc.
• no incentive traffic of any type

I have leads pending on your PPL program, why don't I see any commission in my account?

Your commission will not appear on our stats before 48 hours depending on the quality of each lead that we assign based on our proprietary system. In some cases if there are discrepancies we need to have our software review.

Why do some leads get paid more than others on the PPL program?

The PPL program is a very aggressive payment method with high risk-high reward so each lead we assign very complex values to determine your payout.

How can I place a pixel?

Your affiliate manager will be glad to help you set up pixel tracking

From what countries are you accepting traffic?

USA, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Ireland, New Zealand

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Affiliate Benefits
  • • 24.7 Sales Support
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  • • Multiple Landing Pages
  • • On Time Payments
  • • Custom Banner Tools
Payment Methods
  • • Wire
  • • ACH Deposit
  • • Bank Check
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November 26, 2018: With an estimated 49 million singles worldwide having tried online dating at least once, and by 2022, the number of online US daters is expected to grow to 100.3 million.